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Vision Statement

Charles R. Bantz, Chancellor of IUPUI

Over time, IUPUI's policy on tobacco use has changed as society's tolerance for smoking has changed.

We have gone from allowing smoking in classrooms and offices to prohibiting smoking inside facilities, from selling cigarettes on campus to banning tobacco sales, from allowing people to smoke outside to prohibiting smoking within 30 feet of building entrances.

In light of the latest U.S. Surgeon-General's report, "The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke," which concludes that there is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke, it is time to take the next, the only logical step, of making IUPUI completely tobacco-free.

The new policy is intended to promote a healthy environment by prohibiting smoking and tobacco use anywhere on property owned or leased by the university's IUPUI campus.

IUPUI is Indiana's health and life sciences campus. We conduct world-class scientific research and train the majority of Indiana's health care professionals. We are keenly aware that we cannot ignore the preponderance of evidence that tobacco use is a threat to everyone's health, smokers and nonsmokers alike. We have several hospitals on campus, with patients-young, old, and in-between—whose illnesses can be worsened by exposure to smoke. We have young children in day care as well as older youth participating in school outreach programs on campus. They need to see healthy habits modeled, not unhealthy ones. We have students with full, productive lives and careers stretching out before them when they complete their studies. We have faculty and staff who spend the better part of their days in the work environment. IUPUI has the responsibility, the duty, to protect students, employees, and visitors from tobacco's harmful effects by eliminating its use on our campus.

IUPUI as a tobacco-free campus emphasizes the value we place on health as a quality of life issue. It makes the statement that IUPUI is a place where we value knowledge gained through research, where we translate research into practice.

The IUPUI Tobacco-Free Campus policy enables students, faculty, staff, patients, and visitors to preserve their health by providing an environment where people can work, study, and live free from risks associated with tobacco use.

I urge everyone to cooperate with civility and good will in complying with this policy. Refraining from tobacco use on campus makes IUPUI a place where a healthy choice is an easy choice. That ultimately benefits us all.

Published 2006

Download a PDF version of this document (Published 2006)